Manufacturer of Custom Solar Panels

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WSL Solar has been specializing in design, development and manufacture of custom solar panels with high efficiency in China since 2006.With our in-house R&D team and management team for over 10 years' experience in solar industry, we are able to design and develop a tailor-made solar panel in a variaty of sizes, shapes and power outputs to meet our client's specific requirement, and provide solution support to our customers starting from their initial produce development stage. Our custom solar panels mainly include three catagories - mono/poly crystalline solar panels in latest technology, high efficiency Sunpower solar panels and indoor/outdoor amorphous silicon solar panels. Learn more...


Solar Cell Advantage

Adopt new technology mono/poly solar cell and high efficiency Sunpower solar cell, instead of traditional solar cell, to make sure high and stable output.

Advanced Equipment

Automatic welding machine
Automatic laser cutting machine for solar cell
Advanced lamination machine
Full set QC testing equipment

Strict Quality Control

100% testing for all panels before shipment
Attention to details from material sourcing, production process to final package


In-house engineer for over 10 years experience in solar industry for optimized solar design and solar solution
Experienced staff


WSL Solar produces solar panels in a variety of sizes, shapes and outputs according to customer's specific requirements. We focus on high efficiency custom solar panel, small solar panel, OEM solar panel.
Our photovoltaic panels are widely used in off grid solar applications, such as solar powered lightings, solar chargers, small electronic devices, portable solar power systems, and other custom solar projects etc.



    As a custom solar panel manufacturer, we work closely with our clients starting from their product development stage. Share with us your idea or concept, we will assist you by providing professional solar solution and suggestion of a custom solar panel to optimize your solar application products.


    With our in-house engineer for over 10 years’ experience in solar industry, we can design and develop a tailor-made solar panel in right size and maximum power output to meet our client’s specific needs. Preparing datasheet & drawing and working out best price for evaluation.


    Prototyping is a critical part of the product development process. After finalizing the product , we will start working on prototype development in a quick process. We will make testing, analyze parameters, check the appearance or make some minor modification if needed, to make sure our solar panel meet the specific requirements.


    After the successful prototype stage, we will go for mass production for a customized solar panels. From sourcing high efficiency solar cells, adopting advanced automatic production machine, attention to detail in production process, to strict quality control, we are always dedicated to deliver the best solar panel to our clients.