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Mono/Poly Solar Panel

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9V Solar Panels

  • Features:
    - 9V solar panel,9 volt solar panel
    - Great for charging your 6V DC batteries
    - High efficiency solar cells
    - Positive power tolerance
    - Customized sizes, outputs and shapes

WSL Solar’s 9V solar panels (or 9 volt solar panels) are built with the latest most efficient crystalline silicon solar cells. These custom shaped solar panels are great for charging your 6V DC batteries and ideal for use in off grid applications such as marine buoys, traffic signs, IoT devices, GPS trackings, educational kits, small electronic devices, LED lighting etc. 
- With cutting-edge high efficiency solar cells 
- Positive power tolerance 
- Withstanding challenging environmental conditions 
- Waterproof, scratch resistant & UV resistant 
- Excellent performance under low light environments

                                                                                    Solar Panels Specification 

Item Specification Size Solar Cell Type Lamination
WSL-C002 9V Solar Panel, 1.5W 125x135x4.5mm Poly Solar Cell Tempered glass
WSL-C012 9V Solar Panel, 11W 350x300x18mm Poly Solar Cell Tempered glass
WSL-C015 9V Solar Panel, 3.5W 95x248x4.5mm Mono Solar Cell Tempered glass
WSL-C022 9V Solar Panel, 2W 130x140x17mm Mono Solar Cell Tempered glass

Click here to watch the video of this type of custom solar panels. 

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom shaped solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. 

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