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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. With our in-house R&D team and management team for over 10 years' experience in solar industry, we are able to design and develop a tailor-made solar panel in a variaty of size, shapes and outputs to meet our client's specific requirement, and provide solution support start from initial product development stage.

Our Product Catagories:

-Mono/Poly Solar Panels

* Tempered glass or PET laminated
* Power range from 0.1W to 200W
* Adopting latest solar cell technology
(~21% efficiency for mono, ~19% efficiency for poly)

- Small Sunpower Solar Panels

* ETFE or PET laminated
* The most high efficiency Sunpower solar cell
(~ 23% efficiency)

- Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel

* for both indoor & outdoor use

As a custom solar panel manufacturer, we always keep us updated on the latest solar cell technology, aim to work out the optimized solar panel design and find the right solution to support our customer during their initial product development stage.

We actively adopt advanced automatic laser cutting machine, automatic series welding machine, laminating machine, frame assembly machine EL testing machine, small and large solar panel testing machine, to ensure our solar panel with high quality and maintain consistency .

Quality is always the first thing for us. We stick to strict quality control, from raw material sourcing, manufacturing process to finished product testing, we pay attention to details in each step, to deliver our clients the right solar panel for their solar application.

We respect for our customers, and always keep in mind that customers are the most important in our business. We insist on that good business relationship based on sincere cooperation and mutual benefits.

We are always dedicated to be a reliable partner of our customers worldwide. Welcome to send us your inquiry and questions to our email