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Amorphous Solar Panel

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Indoor Solar Panels, Indoor Solar Cells

  • Features:
    - Indoor solar cells, amorphous solar cells, thin film solar cells
    - Glass substrate
    - Solar Panel thickness: 1.1mm (indoor) or 3.2mm (outdoor) 
    - Provide good charging or direct power under low light and indoor lighting conditions.
    - Customized shape & different size available.
WSL Solar’s indoor solar panels  are built with amorphous silicon solar cell. It can generate electricity from environment light like sunlight or indoor light. These kinds of custom solar cells can be used to supply power to low-consumption electronic devices such as IoT devices, watches, calculators, measurement units, wireless sensor, weather station etc.
- Amorphous solar cell
- Solar panel thickness 1.1mm (indoor) or 3.2mm (outdoor), it can be easily embedded into plastic holder
- Excellent sensitivity under low and medium illumination

Item No. Solar Panel Size Vmp / Imp Voc / Isc Solar Cell Type
WSL-A001 20x37x1.1mm 3.5V / 8μA 4.5V / 12μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A002 36.5x26x1.1mm 3V / 8μA 4V / 11μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A003 46x46x1.1mm 2.6V / 21μA 3.5V / 29μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A004 50.2x47x1.1mm 3V / 18μA 4.5V / 24μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A005 95x47x1.1mm 3.5V / 42μA 4V / 50μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A006 99.6x18x1.1mm 6.3V / 12.8μA 8V / 16μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A007 53x75x1.1mm 3.5V / 50μA 4.5V / 60μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A008 61x48x1.1mm 3.5V / 25μA 4V / 30μA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A009 90x24x3.2mm 2V / 22mA 2.5V / 28mA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A010 60.5x29.8x3.2mm 3.8V / 18mA 4.5V / 25mA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A011 50x40x3.2mm 2V / 28mA 2.5V / 35mA Amorphous Solar Cell
WSL-A012 57.8x48.2x3.2mm 8V / 8mA 12.5V / 11mA Amorphous Solar Cell

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