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Mono/Poly Solar Panel

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Round Solar Panel

  • WSL Solar’s round solar panel (or circular PV panel) is built with the latest most efficient monocrystalline solar cell or super high efficiency Sunpower solar cell. These round solar panels are ideal for use in off grid applications such as solar powered LED lighting, garden lighting, lawn lighting, educational kits, small electronic devices etc.

WSL Solar produces round solar panels in a variety of sizes, shapes and outputs according to customer's specific requirements.

Item No. Pmax Vmp Imp Solar Cell Type Size Encapsulation
WSL-C001 1W 5V 200mA Mono Solar Cell D=109mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-S008 0.72W 6V 120mA Sunpower Solar Cell D=89mmx2mm ETFE Film
WSL-S002 0.2W 5V 40mA Sunpower Solar Cell D=43mmx1.8mm PET Film
WSL-R001 1.1W 13V 84.6mA Sunpower Solar Cell D=100mmx2mm ETFE Film
WSL-R002 6W 6V 1A Sunpower Solar Cell D=267mmx2mm ETFE Film
WSL-R003 1.5W 3.5V 428mA Mono Solar Cell D=140mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R004 1.2W 6V 200mA Mono Solar Cell D=120mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R005 2W 6V 333mA Mono Solar Cell D=160mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R006 3.5W 6V 583mA Mono Solar Cell D=240mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R007 5W 9V 555mA Mono Solar Cell D=280mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R008 20W 18V 1.11A Mono Solar Cell D=480mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R009 2W 5V 1A Mono Solar Cell D=140mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R010 5W 5V 1A Mono Solar Cell D=220mmx4.5mm Tempered glass
WSL-R011 25W 18V 1.38A Mono Solar Cell D=500mmx4.5mm PET Film

Download: Round Solar Panel